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Elements of reflexology date back to ancient Egypt, but it was fully developed into its current form in the 1930s by Eunice Ingham. It works on the principle that the feet are maps of the body, and that by massaging specific points on the feet, the corresponding parts of the body will respond favourably by allowing energy blockages to dissipate, so relieving pain, discomfort and health problems. Additionally, a reflexologist can detect possible problems from the feel of the feet, from any crystalisation or tender points. Reflexology can help numerous problems, including, but not confined to, migraines, fertility problems, hormonal imbalances, persistent cramp, asthma, digestive disorders, arthritis, allergies and joint pain. It is completely safe and very relaxing, and is often used to ease the various discomforts suffered during pregnancy, as well as on babies and infants. Fiona’s specific area of interest is the use of reflexology in maintaining good health in diabetics. The massage element of the treatment can be used to target specific foot issues as well.

A reflexology session lasts for one hour, during which time you will relax lying down in a warm and pleasant environment while your feet receive the reflexology massage. Many clients fall asleep during this treatment, and this further aids relaxation and healing.

Price - £35 per session, or pay up-front for 5 sessions, and receive the 6th free!

Add hot stones to your reflexology treatment for an additional 5! Hot stones are used in addition to the traditional work with the hands to warm and massage the feet or hands (depending on the treatment), and to work reflex points and more specific areas. The treatment is extremely relaxing, improves circulation and relaxation, promotes lymphatic drainage, and reduces muscular tension.


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