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Healtherapy offers an all-natural range of face, body and massage oils, all hand-made here in Orkney. These can be purchased either directly from Healtherapy, or from a variety of other outlets in Orkney and Shetland. Please contact us if you would like a postal order - we try to keep shipping costs as low as possible. For trade enquires, please email for a wholesale pricelist and details. Your personal oil blend from aromatherapy massages can be bottled for you to use at home, and bespoke blends are also offered - please ask. All of our oils are deeply moisturising.

Our range;

Woman's face and body oil - with geranium, lavender, and myrhh.
Men's face and body oil/ aftershave - with lime, cinnamon and ginger.
Hand, nail and cuticle oil - with peppermint, lavender and tea tree.
Anti stretch mark oil - with orange, neroli and ginger.
Anti period pain oil - with lavender. geranium and peppermint.
Deep moisture oil - with orange, peppermint and frankincense.
Hair mask - with tea tree, bergamot and pine.
Rescue oil - with orange, geranium and tea tree.

Massage oils;
Uplifting - with ginger, peppermint and orange.
Relaxing - with bergamot, lavender and geranium.
Sensual - with ylang ylang, cinnamon and black pepper.

£7.95 each.

All oils contain nuts.


For more information, or to book an appointment please email info@healtherapy-orkney.co.uk, or phone 01856 874929