Guided Meditations
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Guided meditations are a form of meditation where you are asked to lie comfortably on a treatment couch (or in a chair if you prefer), and are guided by voice through a series of imagery, initially to take you to a state of receptive relaxation, and then targeted to a specific area, such as making a decision. Whilst in this relaxed and receptive state, your subconscious mind is open to positive suggestions and to examining your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings in order to best assess how you can help yourself. It is a very empowering experience, and the guidance means that you stay awake and focused, two things that can be hard for people who meditate alone. Guided meditation can help shift your perceptions and expectations and can help you achieve your targets, be they being able to relax, or bringing about much needed change.

Healtherapy offers a range of one-to-one guided meditations designed to target the areas of your life that need some focus. The list below covers the most popular, but bespoke meditations specific to your life can be created, please get in touch to discuss your needs.


Making A Decision
Meet Your Spirit Guide
Positive Thoughts
How You View The World
Cutting Ties With The Past
Interview Confidence

Energy Booster

These sessions last for 20 minutes, but longer sessions can be created if required.
An extra fee may apply for creating bespoke meditations - please ask.

Price - £10 per 20 minute session, or pay up-front for 5 sessions, and receive the 6th free!


For more information, or to book an appointment please email, or phone 01856 874929