Reflexology Hand Massage
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Reflexology hand massage uses the same principles as reflexology foot massage, but can be of greater benefit to those who cannot, or do not like to, have their feet touched. As a straightforward massage, it can be of use to those with hand pain or poor circulation, and as a traditional reflexology treatment, it looks upon the hands as maps of the body that can be used to determine, and rectify, imbalances. This treatment lasts for half an hour, as opposed to the full hour for foot reflexology. It does not skimp on treatment, it is simply that the hands have a smaller surface area, and can be treated with a greater ease.
Price £20 per session, or £15 when added on to any other treatment (excluding dream analysis). Or, or pay up-front for 5 sessions, and receive the 6th free!


For more information, or to book an appointment please email, or phone 01856 874929