Crystal Therapy
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Crystal therapy combines elements of both reiki and massage to provide a unique complementary experience.
Initially, you will be asked to select your favourite from a large choice of crystals. This will then be incorporated into the treatment with some of the other crytals, depending on your needs and using the expertise of your therapist. Crystals are placed on various parts of your body, including over the reiki chakras, to act as amplification for the reiki given to you. Additionally, smooth polished crystals are used to massage some muscles, especially those that are knotted or that cause you problems. This dispenses with the needs for oils, and uses the weight of the crystals to 'iron' your muscles without the need to apply significant pressure. This process is repeated on the front and back of the body. This is a treatment that uses several approaches to relax you and to target any problem areas, and can be either deeply relaxing, or can result in the unblocking of emotions, depending on your individual blockages or issues. This treatment tends to leave clients feeling both relaxed and energised, and can be a very powerful therapy. Crystal therapy last for one hour.

Price - £40 per session, or pay up-front for 5 sessions, and receive the 6th free!


For more information, or to book an appointment please email, or phone 01856 874929