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Dr. Mikao Usai developed Reiki, and all qualified practitioners are able to trace their reiki lineage back to him, enabling a purity of style unique to this type of treatment. Reiki is often a ‘hands free’ treatment, using the therapist’s energy to ‘scan’ for energy blockages and imbalances, and then encourage them to flow correctly. This is a deeply relaxing process, and can be used to aid any ailment. Animals respond very well to reiki, enjoying the non-invasive nature of the treatment and the feel of the energy. Some animals prefer a hands-on approach that is similar to being stroked, and each animal will be assessed accoriding to its individual needs. They are treated in their usual environment to minimise stress, and this treatment is particularly useful with chronic ailments, working in conjunction with treatment prescribed by your vet, as well as at times of stress for animals, and in leading up to stressful situations such as moving, proximity to loud noises such as fireworks, or surgery. Fiona is an animal lover, and former cat breeder, and is fully aware of the impact stress and pain can have on an animal’s quality of life.

If you have any concerns regarding the health or wellbeing of an animal, please consult a vet.

Price £35 per session, or pay up-front for 5 sessions, and receive the 6th free!


Fiona is a Reiki master teacher and writer. Please click here for details of upcoming courses.


For more information, or to book an appointment please email, or phone 01856 874929